WHAT WE DO : RMADTA supports dance / movement therapists and persons working in related fields with continuing education and career development. We offer networking and fundraising opportunities to benefit students and professionals of dance / movement therapy. We also provide professional support, resources, research opportunities, and open avenues of communication between dance/movement therapists and professionals from related fields. We seek to align with other creative arts therapists such as art, drama, music, poetry and psychodrama therapists in order to support, inform, and diversify the dance therapy community. RMADTA engages in a variety of activities such as publishing newsletters, providing forums, and offering educational workshops that are available to dance/movement therapists, students, and mental health professionals.

REFERRAL LIST : The RMADTA also provides a comprehensive list of qualified dance/movement therapists in the area and available for distance work, for those who seek dance/movement therapy, as well as a list of supervisors for students and recent graduates. See the list here.

MISSION STATEMENT : Founded in 1986, the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the American Dance Therapy Association supports Dance Movement Therapy in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado. The Rocky Mountain Chapter is committed to cultivating and sharing passion and wisdom for using the dancing / moving body in the field of psychotherapy and the healing arts. Our purpose is to support continuing education and career development and offer networking and fundraising opportunities to our communities both in person as well as through web presence and technology-facilitated participation across state lines. Our chapter has a Board Team of Directors and facilitates membership meetings and opportunities for gathering throughout the year.

Why Be a Member of the Local Chapter?
– Engage in networking opportunities and cross referrals with other therapists in the community
– Participate in helping to educate therapists and other treatment professionals in the gifts of Dance Movement Therapy
– Take advantage of local opportunities to get Continuing Education Credits
– Receive discounts for sponsored events and Continuing Education events

BLOG : Please check out our blog here as it’s a great way to stay updated for announcements on events & opportunities in the community!  And, check out the national ADTA blog for more resources on the national level!

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